Funds during leave

Apart from SMP and child benefit you get is there any other funding you can get given as a support whilst on maternity leave?
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I've heard some might be able to get universal credit but I'm not sure

@Beth ahh ok, I’m guessing if your partner is on a lower wage too? It’s just something me and my partner have been talking about tonight. As many people the drop we are going to have is insane x

Only if your partner is on a lower income too. X

I'm not sure how it works but worth looking into, I'm dreading the drop in wage

I went on answered all the questions and according to that I’m entitled to £320 universal credit a month, £276 support for mortgage interest free loan a month, and £104 child benefit a month. How accurate that is and whether I will get that I don’t know but the site was linked on the gov website so 🤷🏼‍♀️

@Lauren ahh thank you, will have a look at that

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