Should I get a humidifier? If yes, any suggestions?
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England is humid enough x

We got the maxi cosi Humidifier. To help the baby when its sick x

Honestly I have irrational feelings about these 😂 Check the humidity of your room first. The average UK home is more likely to be damp than dry and lots of humidifiers will switch off once they reach "optimal" relative humidity which means they'll do little to nothing. Something like a plug in Vicks to add some methol to the air is different, but it's unlikely you actually need more moisture. If you want to check, an RH monitor from amazon is less than a tenner and will tell you the temp too. Something between 40% - 60% is a human comfort level. Under 30% will be really dry and over 70% you might start getting condensation/damp issues. I work in museums so am a bit obsessed about internal environments 🤓

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