Exhaustion and shortness of breathe

Anyone else in second trimester and still feel exhausted? I’m on my feet for work and so exhausted and out of breathe I hate see what it’s going be like when I get further along
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Yes definitely, I used to feel good when I lifted weights now I feel dead and drained after

I be feeling like I am having hot flashes and nauseated out of nowhere. I’m a cashier so I’m on my feet 8+ hrs a day

Same I’m a manager and have to constantly walk up to the office and the stairs are kicking my butt. Holy crap. Even bending down and crouching and too much walking. How do women do this lol I’m only 17 weeks?

Yes, just exhausted doing nothing sometimes too. It's so hard for me to have any motivation to do anything as well. It wasn't like this in the first trimester for me

Omg I still feel like this. I thought it was supposed to get better ugh 😩

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