Baby allergies?

My husband and I have a pet cat. Generally I’m fine with her being around.. but I do get congested and itchy eyes when she gets in my face/ someone pets her and her fur gets in the air/ other things like that… I am worried that my future baby will have similar issues or worse.. and I worry about her comfort level. Should I be worried about this? Should I consider revoking my cat? I really don’t know so sorry if this is silly to ask or is me over worrying.
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I have not personally done me own research. I was however a little worried about it with our dogs, since they shed. Everyone I mentioned this to has said it will help their little allergies and they will adapt quickly. They said no need to react until they’re here & actually show symptoms. Just obviously don’t have them sleeping in dog hair. We will keep the nursery off limits to our dogs. Not sure if it’s the same with cats! But I would think it would be similar.

@Mic thank you so much! That makes me feel better!

Yup exposure to pets early gives their immune system a better chance to not develop the allergy! You'll still see sneezes as you can't avoid shedding but that's normal ♥️

I’m actually allergic to dog and cats and have been for most of my life despite always having them since I was born. Didn’t notice how severe it was because I have been on antihistamines long term since pre teen which I stopped almost a yr before getting pregnant. I had two cats and a dog (we had to put one cat down last week) and it wasn’t until the antihistamines was fully out of my system last year that I realised how bad my allergies really are! They say your body can get use to the allergy over time but I have a allergy issue so even after over a yr of no meds, my body is still reacting but getting rid of our remaining cat and supposedly hypoallergenic dog is not an option… Solution? A HEPA air purifier initially for the bedroom as that’s were I would stay in the beginning but maybe a bigger one to cover the house as time goes on. We also live in London so will reduce the city pollution the baby (and us) would be exposed to. We have had to get rid of carpets and fabrics too.

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