Weaning blues

Going through the emotions with weaning from breastfeeding my baby. She decided to be done which makes me feel rejected by her. Did not expect the hormone shift when weaning. Advice on how to accept and be ok with our new normal
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I've been pumping for 12 months and I'm almost done weaning and I have been having the same feelings. It all happened too fast and I feel like so guilty being done🥲😭

Following as about to start this process. I know I’m going to be a mess. Any advice would be helpful!

Talk to a therapist to help you work through your feelings around weaning! Big emotions are super normal around this time. For me, I felt like I was failing my baby because my supply dropped and I had to stop pumping, but having someone to talk to has helped so much. Hasn’t cured my PPD/PPA, but it does help.

I had a hormone shift when I stopped breastfeeding. I’m about done breast pumping now. Will I expect another hormone shift once that’s done?

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