Anybody cut the nap yet? Cause I feel like I'm in nap hell.

Having real issues with bedtime at the moment, it's driving me crazy. I'm finding if my LG naps for even just an hour I can't get her to bed until 9/9:30. If she doesn't nap she starts falling asleep around 4pm. She skipped her nap the other day and I managed to drag her out till 6:45pm, then she woke up at 9 having a night terror where she was clearly overtired. I literally can't win. Help! 😭
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Yes we have, we were the same, if he napped not going to sleep till gone 10 ish, no nap he’s tired and lagging about 4/5 but just keep him busy😅

We now have no nap, as tea time comes we have tea then a walk to park or out on bike. Home bath screen time then book and bed. Seems to be working so far

If my son wakes before 6 I know he will need a nap and I try and try and sometimes he has one but bedtime is a nightmare, but he’s usually up at 6:30-7 and he’s asleep between 6:00-6:15 yes he’s tired late afternoon but he cut his nap himself and now bedtimes are a breeze I’d say he naps maybe once a week if that

Mine naps 12-2 and without a nap I'd loose my head. She goes to bed between 7-8 and sleeps till 12 then has milk and gets up at 6ish 🥱

We're having the same issue with the night terrors if we skip the nap and limp to an earlier bed time.

Woah. Even the 3.5 year old can't do without a nap! I didn't even imagine dropping the nap yet. My April '21 little lady wakes up at 6:30am, naps 12-2pm, and then sleeps at 9pm ish.

We are dropping the naps but have similar problems I just tend to let them fall asleep for 10 mins in the car then they seem refreshed enough to make it till 6.30 x

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