Newborn reflux

Anyone dealt with newborn reflux? My little guy is just over a week old and he’s been spitting up quite consistently, but today he’s projectile vomited twice (everything else is fine with him. Good poops and pees). He’s breast fed - I noticed he was gassy the past few days so I cut dairy out today. Hoping this helps. I have a stronger let down so I’m wondering if he’s just getting too much? Going to switch to shorter feeds, have him more upright during feeds… any other tips to help mitigate this!? I have a midwife call set up but just wanted to see if anyone has some advice while I’m waiting!
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This is normal and it’ll correct itself unless baby isn’t gaining weight or able to eat efficiently

@Nicole thank you!! I’ve just fed him upright for a shorter period and kept him upright for about 20 min and it seems to have helped! I’m hoping cutting out dairy has the same effect for me 🤞🏼

30 minutes upright post feed. I breastfeed and found the side lying position went best for us feeding wise but at night I would stay lying down (we cosleep) and I would lay on my side and drape him across my ribs with him upright to burp him and for his vertical time. He liked it. When he was at his worst I wasn’t exclusively providing breastmilk. He doesn’t do well with formula and improved with breast milk but does take medication for it twice a day now. He had Sandifer Syndrome and after he projectile vomited and then had what looked to me like a seizure, I rushed to the hospital with him. He was in so much pain from the acid he was arching his back hard.

My baby was so bad. And honestly something so simple was the fix. Gripe water and baby water was my best friend. Stopped the hiccups immediately. You can give it to them via syringe separately or together

@Thalia I’ll try this position too! Right now I’m doing the football hold and it’s tough to get into lol How’s he doing now though? That sounds terrifying to experience!!

@Khriss he does get hiccups often!! I’ll ask my midwife about the gripe and baby water! Thank you ☺️

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