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How do you deal with people hating the name you chose for your baby? We’re naming my second son Sullivan (sully will be his nickname) and I’ve gotten so many negative comments about it. But my husband and i love it so we’re not changing it
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Tell them to fuck off 😂 Serious note though I would just say something like, It’s a good job I’m not naming your kid then isn’t it or it’s a job job I’m not suggesting your name your child that then. Then leave it at that. I love the name Sullivan!

I had many hate on the names I would pick for my kiddos. One of my kiddos no one knew his name until I had him and done sign the papers. I would let them state their opinion but just know it's their opinions nothing you have to listen to.

I love Sullivan! People and family are constantly giving me shit for my baby’s name, and it doesn’t feel great but at the end of the day it’s not their baby to name

I told as few. People as possible lol

I had a lot of people shit on the names I had picked out before I even got pregnant and I kept changing my mind until I got to where I am now. People are still shitting on her middle name but I don’t care anymore because I’m done looking at names.

That’s so cute to me! And also not as common which makes it even better in my book. I’d respond like: “good thing its not your baby!” 😂

Deal by not giving a fuck. Who cares…

Also I think it’s cute. So.

I just keep the mindset that unless they spent the last 40 weeks growing the baby and are pushing the baby out, they don't have a say. 😅 We've gotten a lot of negative feedback on our name choice too (Naming him after my hubby, he'll be Juan Jr.) but we made him, so we'll name him. It took me awhile to get to that place though because I'm a recovering people pleaser 😬 BTW, your name choice is adorable! And as long as you two love it, that's all that matters 💕

My mom has disliked 80% of the names I've told her, lol, so I get it. Name your lil dude whatever YOU want❤️

Sullivan is an awesome name! I just haven’t told anyone our name besides our family which we just said this is it so no comments if you don’t like it!

People will share a lot of opinions, but none of that matters if you and your partner love the name. You will never please everyone and that's okay

It’s so rude! All names are beautiful and unique to you in some way! So negative comments r so rude

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