My son is about to hit 9 months and still isn't babbling or sitting up for longer than a minute or two without loosing balance (though he has been crawling for about a month), is anyone else's baby seemingly behind on milestones? I have contacted my local HV for advice and she told me to wait until the 45 week review, though I'm getting a bit concerned now.
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Every child is different and he will slowly but surely start babbling wen time is right

Try not to be too concerned

All babies are different, my little girl sits up really well and likes to stand with support but she hasn’t crawled yet or even attempted too and doesn’t roll front to back, she babbles some days and not at all others ❤️ try not to worry

Update: he pulled himself to standing today for the first time so he's obviously focusing on this more than babbling or sitting up at the moment, hopefully he'll catch up soon ❤

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