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Ok so what are we wearing to the pool/beach you guys? I’m about ready to just be floating in the pool for the rest of this pregnancy. But I am like a 36G already and a lot of the suits I’m seeing on Amazon hav itty bitty straps that ain’t no way holding up these titties 😬 should I buy two and mix and match tops and bottoms to try and get what I want? Are we thinking about nursing tops for suits? Really want to be able to get out and enjoy the Sun but not sure what to get.
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I forget where I got my swimsuit from. I did see some on Amazon with thick strap halter styles though. If that's not your jam - I know motherhood maternity and old Navy have some options!

I just got a few maternity swim tops from Thred Up. The straps seem to be big enough to hold mine up 🤣

I have always been heavy chested so finding a suit has always sucked.

Well I am not top heavy at all lol but I got my swimsuits for our Babymoon from ASOS and Zara

I bought separates, not even maternity, from target. I just sized up in both pieces and got super low cut bottoms and it fits great.

i’m trying out two from shein! i’m not very top heavy but I do have a bit of a bottom so i’m trying to make sure i’m covered comfortably on my bottom so i’m not having to pick a wedgy every minute lol

I bought a maternity one piece on clearance from PinkBlush. When I visited Target earlier tonight, they did have a nursing bikini with what looked like sturdy straps.

I am a 48 G/H so I know the struggle. I shop at torrid for bathing suits!

I got mine off shein the top is pretty supportive and the bottoms have nice coverage ..also am in love with the pant/swim cover !!! This video was from couple weeks ago and I’ve def gotten bigger (everywhere 😂) but both are stretchy and comfortable!

Thanks so much for the input everyone!

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