How much is everyone getting approx? I know we are all different but just curious. Also is it a supply/demand thing like it is with breast milk? And does anyone know if you need to keep going once started ?
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I was getting about 2ml per evening but tonight I’m so frustrated I’ve got just under 1ml. When I first started I only managed 0.2ml so it’s definitely gone up the more I’ve done it…. Until tonight 😩

So I will collect in 2 weeks but last baby I collected 200 ish mls before I got bored and stopped storing. It’s not supply and demand as such it’s just depending on your body it will continue to come 3 days ish after baby till your milk comes in. I oversupplied so I’m intending to donate this pregnancy to neonatal

I just started today and I've only just managed to get 0.1ml and a half, not quite 0.2ml and this took me like 2 hours of working both sides! Hoping tomorrow will be more! Don't give up as frustrating as it is! X

I've collected 8 syringes worth I think

I can get a syringe a night but takes ages, I've also not got loads of syringes so I'm trying to only express 1/2 syringe a day now about 5ml

I got two 1ml syringes on my first try but only managed 1ml on my second xx

I’ve been doing quick light massages when in the shower and nothing and not had any leaking but had my first proper go while on the couch last night, just continual gentle massage and ended up with some beads/drops of colostrum. I was so surprised! I’m 37.5 weeks. I didn’t harvest anything as been told to just to do this a few times first but if I manage to get more, I’ll start to collect. Got the syringes from the midwife.

@Kayleigh how frequently are you doing it? Daily? More than once a day? I spent 30 mins getting 0.1ml today 🤣🤣

@Natalie I do it daily in the evenings. It really is frustrating when you go through so much effort and get so little! I got more each time I done it until last night where as literally the night before I started massaging and it squirted across the room 😂 I think the more you do it the more you’ll produce x

Day 3 and I’ve filled a full syringe!! Massaged for longer tonight and listened to some asmr to really relax. Well chuffed!

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