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So I’ve tested positive today on two pregnancy tests very faint and I’m really really scared because I’m on the marina coil and have been for about 5 months, i don’t know what to do with it being a bank holiday and the weekend and I’m so scared that it will turn into an ectopic pregnancy with me being on the coil. I don’t know how far I would be because I don’t have periods due to my coil, im honestly so worried and scared what should I do is there anyone I can ring.
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Can you call 111 for assistance/advice (uk)

I don’t want to waste 111’s time I’ve always been told it’s for emergency’s x

I just googled the statistics and it's honestly not that much different than if you didnt have the coil. If the test is faint the likelyhood is you are quite early. Could you take one of the clear blue one which gives you approx weeks? As long as you have no symptoms of eptopic pregnancy I personally would wait until Tuesday and speak to your GP. 111 are unlikely to be very helpful in this situation I feel. But if you feel really panicked it's definitely worth a call as they should be able to get a doctor to call you back xx

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