A little tmi but I’ve been having water diarrhea all day today with really bad cramps in my stomach and back?? I’ve had a miscarriage before this never happened but just really concerned about what google is telling me? I’m around 5-6 weeks is this normal what should I do??
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Honestly… it could just be IBS 🤣 but maybe phone your doctor to reassure you about baby x

Sounds like food poisoning

I had this at the start of my pregnancy, it settled for me after a few days before the “morning sickness” (which I tell you, for me lasted every day all day until my baby was born) kicked in. Try and keep your fluids up, as it can be quite exhausting x

This is normal. Your hormones are changing and that’s why this can happen. It happened to me and then I was constipated in my 2nd and 3rd trimester. It sucks I know. See a doctor if you get haemorrhoids (happened to me even with the watery diarrhea because of how often it was happening).

Aww dont worry, the cramps are probably from the diarrhea

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