Growing up babies😭

Hey guys So feeling super emotional today My little almost 14 month old son normally goes to his grandparents with my husband Today i decided to join them and he should wouldn't come to me there but still went my husband Feeling really emotional not even sure why I guess I just felt my little baby who once just dependant on me is growing up😞 No one really understands not even my husband the sort of attachment I have with my son I was about 6 and a half month pregnant with him when my dad suddenly passed away the easiest way I can describe is my son saved me and when he isn't with me feels like my heart isn't with me Honestly I'm sure all mums feel the kinda way i do Today was just really emotional x
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I totally understand. I was about 6 and half months pregnant when my sister and nephew died. I think I would have fallen apart completely if it wasn't for Mt pregnancy x

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