I just really need to rant really quick, I have a 2 yr old and a 6 month old and me and my fiancé have been having troubles, I went to Florida for a month with the babies and we almost spilt up twice while I was down there and he said things that have really been hitting me hard lately, since I’ve been back he has been better and he’s been really doing the things that I’ve asked of him which is good, but I’m also just in a dark place mentally, my 2 year old is constantly just crying and whining about everything and it’s driving me crazy and when I say constantly I mean CONSTANTLY, I am a stay at home mom but we are having really bad money issues so I’ve been trying to find a remote job but I don’t have any experience so no one is accepting me which is stressing me and my fiancé out, we talked about me getting a regular job but that seems impossible because he works night and sleeps most of the day and then I breastfeed my baby and when I pump I don’t get enough out and he refuses to take the bottle so we can’t even give him formula or anything and I tried for a month to get him on the bottle and he just won’t, I have no one in nc all my friends and family are in fl so I have no one up here and then when I do start texting people I end up stop texting them because I’m just not in a good mind place to be keeping conversations going with people, mentally and physically I’m just exhausted I don’t want to do anything and everything just seems impossible to even attempt to do, i get no human interaction and can’t go anywhere because either my fiancé doesn’t wanna go do anything or I just am not up to it, I want mom friends but I just don’t want to leave the house to even try to go out and make any, I’m just so mentally drained and I honestly just needed to rant a little bit and get some stuff off my chest because I can’t even talk to my fiancé about things
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Iam no expert learning as our LO is growing Take one step at a time- 2 years old tantrums can be too much at times sometimes you just need to ignore if they r in a safe space We have been through this phase (terrible 2’s) but we made sure we stayed home more to give the LO a familiar environment and plan and prep when he is sleeping to have an easy start to when he wakes. Try replacing commercial toys with chalk board/ empty bottles with beans to rattle and attach a string to drag, these might sound silly but a little distraction from a routine can work wonders YOU GOT THIS MOMMA , STAY POSITIVE

This hurts. I'm really sorry you're not feeling good. I have been a sahm as well since my two year old was born. I sux being home all day alone. Even tho you're not technically alone. I got issues with my bf too but he doesn't seem to care but my advice is to find something like doin by yourself. It may be hard for your fiance to adjust but u can't really take care of your babies unless u take care of yourself too. I feel u need to get yourself out of their rut before anything bad happens like a big fight. Maybe sit down with your SO and tell him. Did u both have a talk on your relationship? If anything maybe be with your family in Florida for awhile before getting back to work. U need a break and asking for help seems to be the only way to do that. This is just my two cents. If it doesn't work for u, is ok. Your kids will notice that u aren't happy more than anything and they'll be generally nervous which possibly could be y your toddler is constantly whining. Here's a hug 🤗. You're not alone tho

@Manmeet thank you I did end up doing the beans with water bottle while I was doing the dishes and then I ended up giving her the whole bag and put it in a container with cups and spoons and different little tools and she is so content rn

@Stephanie thank you, and it has been abt a month that me and the babies have been back from fl but being around my family honestly made everything worse bc they are the reason we moved states bc both sides of our families are extremely toxic

Eek sorry to hear. Then forget wat I said. But I'd still suggest u find some time for yourself. Somehow. Baby steps

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