Starting to panic!

Hi girls, really sorry for the topic of conversation but I really am starting to worry! I gave birth to my beautiful boy on the 17th May, I have 2 tares and had to be cut also. I’m managing that ok. But I haven’t had a bowel movement since the day after he was born, which is 9 days!! I have no stomach cramps but my bum feels abit sore with pressure, lactolose hasn’t made any difference! Anyone else experience this? Do I need to see a doctor ASAP? Thanks in advance!!
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Your GP might be able to give yoi a stronger laxitive/ stool softner to help get things moving along. So always worth speaking to them if you are worried!

Try- Up your dose of lactulose or the frequency of taking it. My first dose I took 45ml then I took 10ml every evening till I passed poo & then the following days after. Speak to your GP if that doesn’t work or you’d like to clarify. Or speak to your midwife. Im now 11 days pp and it’s only just come to some sort of rhythm. Your bum being sore may just be your tears x

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