Hi ladies so both my twins just turned one in april and idk im a little concerned with them both not walking. They stand for a split second then drop. Any suggestions too get them started?
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Babies will always start walking when they are ready! But the first step that I leaned can help is standing them up by some furniture so they can hold on, to build some strength

My son turned one at the beginning of April and just took more than one or two steps yesterday! He was doing the same thing your twins were doing. I would just keep encouraging standing by putting toys on the couch or i got some fidget spinners with the little suction cups on the back and put them on the dishwasher to encourage him to stand, maybe get a push walker if you don’t have one. My son loves his. Other than that honestly they kind of just figure it out on there own! I’m sure they will be walking before you know it! 🫶🏻

My daughter is 14 months and is just not starting to try to take steps on her own. The doctor told me it was because she put more effort Into talking than walking. Lol as long as they are trying you have nothing to worry about. 😊

If you use a bouncer it can help to ditch it as they can get complacent I’ve heard!

Hold her around her middle to help her walk instead of her hands. This really helped mine start. We had been doing hands and she was not making any headway. When we switched she got fussy at first but started walking in about a week and a half.

My little guy little guy will be walking 2 weeks tomorrow started walking on Mother’s Day way earlier than my oldest 3

His birthday was April 9th

@Devon logistically, how do you hold them around the middle? Are you able to stand, or are you on your knees?

@Beth I kinda squatted.

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