Anyone else feel like their baby doesn't like them?

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Awh pet, I’m so sorry you feel like this! I can tell you for certain that not only does your baby like you, they love you. They know and understand you so intimately at the moment due to the pregnancy and your bond will only continue to grow as the days, weeks and months go on. Hang in there. Things will get better for you xx

The baby most probably only likes you as that’s all they know. I’m new mum on day 3. Is there anything in particular that makes you feel like that? X

I felt like this for the first 2-3 weeks as she was really fussy! The feeling eventually went away as I started to realise that’s just babies for you and also started to get over the initial shock of having a baby. I can guarantee your baby loves you and your feeling won’t last! 🤍

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