4 days ago

Letrozole/Progesterone success stories?

I am on my second round of these medicines and have had positive ovulation tests both times (which is a huge win!) For those also struggling with TTC, how many rounds of this did it take to get pregnant? My first pregnancy last year was a miscarriage and I wasn’t ovulating since then, so we’re trying this and hopeful to get our rainbow baby soon but just curious what your story is.
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6 hours ago

I took Letrozole, Estrodol, the trigger shot and progesterone and we got pregnant on our 5th cycle

3 days ago

@Casey last cycle my husband was sick, so we only got one try in (I believe it was the day before ovulation). This cycle we did two days before ovulation and the day of ovulation, so I’m hopeful one of those works!! We’ll find out in a week or two! Thank you for sharing. So glad to hear you’re expecting your rainbow baby!! Congrats!

4 days ago

I started using it in the Fall. Got pregnant first cycle but unfortunately miscarried at 6.5 weeks. Took 3 cycles after my miscarriage using letrozole and trigger shot and we are 10 weeks pregnant 🤗 hang in there!! When are you doing the deed?

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