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I have an anterior placenta, when did yall feel movement for some reason I've been so anxious the last few days. I know that is not helping anything. I'm 22 almost 23 wks (Tuesday). I don't have a fetal doplar so wish I could 😫 I found one for 20 but... don't have that till Friday. Ugh... I can't wait till June 1st (my next US) PS did you know intense vomiting can cause red spots all over your face including all over your eyes. (I had stir fry too close to bed that didn't sit right)
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With my youngest, I had an anterior placenta and I didn’t feel movement until I wanna say sometime between 24 and 26 weeks! Once I felt him, he never stopped moving! He was SOOOOOOOOOO active!!!! No worries mama! You’ll feel him! (Or her) no need to stress! I also have a friend that had an anterior placenta, she didn’t feel her babies (yes twin boys!) until 30 weeks! I was so surprised! You’d think with twins she would’ve felt it MUCH sooner!

I have anterior, 25w5d. I felt flutters around 20 weeks, but didn't feel a full kick or so until 22 weeks. Tonight I was super chill and relaxing and felt some massive ninja karate action! It is scary to not feel it as intensely, but even the slightest movement is that much more special.

I had anterior with my first and I didn’t start feeling her till 26 weeks

I have an anterior. I’m 25 weeks and starting to feel consistent movement patterns. I wouldn’t worry though, I’ve been told with anteriors some days there’s “quiet days” based on the position of baby

I’m 25 weeks pregnant rn with an anterior placenta and I started feeling him move around at about 23.5 weeks! But I don’t feel him as much as I did my first

I have anterior and I started feeling around 22 weeks but it intensified greatly now that I’m at 26 weeks. Also, I wouldn’t worry if you can’t feel as much, they’re kicking I’m sure, you just have a little cushion blocking the hits

I’d also like to add, my child is a very active baby. Everytime I get an ultrasound or get to hear her heartbeat, my doctor says she’s always kicking and moving around. But, I won’t feel her for majority of the day until the end of the night when I’m trying to go to sleep 😂

Don’t get a Doppler !! There not recommended and and cause way more anxiety. I am 37 weeks with anterior I felt very faint bubble and butterflies from 21+3 days but only when I really concentrated, I didn’t feel kicking until 26 weeks just remember how small your baby still is and they have a giant water like cushion protecting them xx

Oooog yes mama I would get the little dots so bad to the point I almost had a black eye. I would get it on my jaw and neck too and look like I got choked out. It’s from the dry heaving and not breathing while we are throwing up. So sorry love I know how much that sucks.

Hi! So I have an anterior placenta and around 16 weeks I felt some movement but it was never consistent. I was 19 weeks + when my boy did the quicking and the flutters because he was breeched ! At around 24 weeks baby was transverse so he was literally kicking the placenta and I really Couldn’t feel a thing. 26 weeks I felt his first strong big kick! And we’ll tbh sometimes his movements weren’t all that consistent cause of my placenta. If you feel something like vibrations that is your baby moving! Keep in mind they don’t don’t want you counting kicks till about 28 weeks plus. I never did because my anxiety would literally be worse then what it was. I’m now almost due and his movements have thankfully been consistent! Because he is bigger now! Try not to stress about it too much trust me I know it’s hard!! Those big movements are coming 🩷

@Mia funny part after posting this she started moving right before my last ultrasound. And now has been very consistent with moving minus days I'm extremely active during the day. My husband even felt her yesterday FINALLY 😍😍😍 That made us both extremely happy I was at the 23 wk mark when they became nice and strong!

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