Broken after C Section comments 💔

Anybody else being made to feel like less of a woman just because they had a baby through C Section? I am so disheartened and hurt at the comments made at me by my friends. This was my first baby and it breaks my heart that I am being told ‘your body wasn’t strong enough to have a natural birth’. I hate the term ‘natural birth’ because my body did the most natural thing and created a baby. I was strong enough to have a vaginal birth, unfortunately I just had a few complications which drew me to an emergency c section. I am now constantly faced with these comments ‘oh you won’t be able to have more kids because you’ve had a c section’. I am genuinely so hurt 💔
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My mum had two C section and one natural birth and we are three. I am the middle one, my sister came out with the c section as she had some complications and she had a c section with my brother just because his head was too big! I’m sorry to say it but this is no being a good friend. Your body did a great job, having a C section and natural birth are the bravest thing we’re doing in our life. We’re going through a lot of pain, in both sides. Don’t let anyone says those silly things to you. You will might have a natural birth and if it’s not who cares? As long you’re okay and baby is okay, forget what they say. You have not failed at all and when they will try to let you down just think about what a magical moment was holding your little one xx

So firstly these are not your friends. Secondly c sections are bloody hardcore, I've have both vaginal and c section and my c section recovery was far harder than vaginal. As you say, you grew a whole human, who cares how they got here! It's doesn't make you any less of a mother

I had a c section (elective) after 4 days induction failed. No matter what you gave birth. You can’t help complications. I had my first 19 month ago I then had my second baby 17 days ago despite complications during pregnancy I was still offered to have a vaginal birth but for my own mental health I chose another c section. I would like to see your “friends” go through major surgery, made to get up washed and dressed just hours later and then left to deal with new baby while In absolutely discomfort xx

Your friends are awful. You gave birth! And of course you'll be able to have more children after a c section! Both my children were emergency sections and I'm so incredibly thankful that C sections exist because otherwise they wouldn't be here. What should be celebrated is the fact that you have a beautiful baby, and I'm so sorry your friends aren't doing that.

Who told you that? Such a weird comment.. Who on earth knows how strong is your body other than u? I had a c section even though wanted a natural birth, but things happen the way they r suppose to. Also the comment on no children is idiotic! My mother in law had c section then two natural births after, easy! Just tell that person to mind his/her own business and educate themselves! You should prep a response for such situations to have it at hand and shut this nonsense up, as I usually can't think of anything when in such situations. And also cut those people loose, those r energy vampires, u don't need that in ur life, or just learn to ignore them! C section is a major operation with ur muscules and body being cut up, its not easy to recover from, so be proud of what u r going through 👊

Honest to god I've almost never heard such stupidity. These so called friends have no idea and I would avoid them like the plaque. If they are your friends they wouldn't say such nonsense and they wouldn't make you feel like this. I try to eliminate the negativity out of my life and in this case you should do the same. Your body is strong every mother on this planet is if you had a natural birth as it's called or otherwise. I watched a documentary and not only that you carried your baby for so long you created a perfect human being.Scientifically it's on the limit of what a body can support - so my ass is your body not strong enough. Maybe you can tell your friends that.

I second all of these comments. I too had a c section after a long labour, hormone drip, and failed forceps, baby was too comfy in there and I’ll be honest not once have I thought such negative things, my body never once failed me, I got through major surgery to birth my baby in the safest way to get him here! Fun fact my partner just told me, It is commonly believed to be derived from the surgical birth of Julius Caesar x

You could argue a c-section is a harder way to give birth especially with the recovery. My mum has 4 c-sections! depending on the reason you had to have a c-section it’s also possible for you to have a vaginal birth if you choose to next time. Birth is incredible whatever your birth story was xx

I don’t know why people get so bothered about this. Who cares. The baby arrived safely as did you. I had 2 sections. Couldn’t care less what anyone says, if I didn’t have one, my baby and i may not be here now. The second one I chose. Why not? Had a taste of Labour the first time and it wasn’t for me 😂 just get the baby out. Honestly, just ignore. Plus as others have said, section recovery is more brutal. Plus you have to look after your baby whilst being unable to move!

I had someone say to me I took the easy way out by having a c section. I said to them it’s not easy having a c section and ultimately I had to hsce a c section as if I’d had a vaginally birth I was told my daughter would die. Your body has done a great job, don’t let anyone ever put you down. Those who haven’t had a c section don’t realise how hard the recovery/pain afterwards is.

The sh*t us women have to go through in this world will always baffle me. However we have birth doesn’t matter. A c section is still bringing life into this world. I had one natural and one c section and to all the people who haven’t had a c section will never understand what we go through. We lay there on the table cold and shaking, fully exposed and completely powerless whilst having to trust the very unfamiliar faces to then be cut open and recover for 6 weeks with pain and discomfort whilst caring for a newborn baby. It does not make you any less of a mother it makes you a strong powerful one. Don’t let anyone else take that away from you. ❤️❤️❤️

I had an elective c section. Your body also has to be strong to have a section! We literally had layers of our body torn open to remove our baby. That’s more intense than many vaginal births. I’d like to see anyone who thinks it’s easy or not natural have a c section and then try and look after baby while recovering. Pls get some other friends! xxx

Having a c section is NOT the easy way out and I’d love those that have come out with such comments to go thru this operation and the recovery afterwards. The pain while you heal can be unbearable. I personally struggled to get up and down the stairs, in and out of bed, on and off the sofa, the toilet, climb into the bath to have a shower. It hurt to laugh, to cough and to sneeze. Those first few days afterwards are awful. I cried with the pain. You are dealing with this all while trying to look after a new born and find your feet as a Mom on pretty much zero sleep. It’s really REALLY hard!!

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