BF & pumping mamas. When are you pumping? How often and what does your routine look like to include pumping? I’m thinking if baby is feeding every 2.5-3 hours, when do I pump? With putting her down for naps and entertaining/playing around that as well, I just don’t feel like I’ve got the time? Barely have a second to myself to piss… hoping someone has some form of routine/pattern I could follow..
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Sorry no advice. I am currently pregnant and have been told I can get breastfeeding advice this time round. I did do some research last time but neither of us knew what we were doing( me and baby) so he was formula fed. This time round I want to pump, I had read the best time was during a feed. Baby on 1 boob the pump on the other. I was just wondering if anyone had tried this and is it actually practical? Thank you!

Thank you so much ladies x I need to start pumping and stocking up for when I’m back at work! I’ll look into the haakaa and try and pump after feeds too maybe! Thank you all so much x

I EBF and used to pump after each feeding when my baby was a newborn. After that, only pumped if baby didn't feed from both breasts or if I have to have expressed milk for my husband to feed if I'm going to be gone longer than 2 hours, which is very rare. ... I hate pumping 😅

I breastfeed in the morning with a haakaa on the other boob. Then I pump at 12.30 and LG feeds at about 1pm. Then she has a bottle of expressed milk at 6.30 pm and I pump then. Then she feeds to sleep at about 7.30/8pm

I breastfeed him twice int he morning, I pump at noon when he is napping, I give him a bottle of breastmilk when he wakes up, I breastfeed him the rest of the day and another bottle of breastmilk before bed, and I pump right before I go to bed :)

I exclusively pump and also have to supplement with formula. I would pump when he was napping or playing or in his swing. Now that he’s a little older (5 months) it’s easier to pump. Sometimes it’s a cartoon to distract him while I pump it we are having a day.

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