Downs/combination test results

Hi all, We have had our results back today for our downs testing and although the NHS has said it’s low risk, the number itself feels relatively high risk! What sort of numbers did you guys get? And has anyone considered or had the NIPT privately? If so, was it much different to the NHS results?
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Mine was <1 in 5000 for both.

That's definitely low risk I really wouldn't worry!

Mine was ‘increased chance’ for downs ( 1 in 81) so I was offered NIPT which came back as low chance ( no numbers). It’s probably fine if your combined test says low chance 🙂 x

I got 1 in 5000 for both. I questioned it with my midwife this week as my sister in law who is due in August got 1 in 10,000, she told me in the last 6 weeks they have changed the way they display results and the biggest number you can get is 1 in 5000 (I’m not sure if that’s just in my area, but this new system could be being used in different areas).

@Jessica I got mine back yesterday at 1 in 20000 so im thinking it’s just your area, I’m Plymouth area x

I got 1 in 790 which I know is still low risk but decided to get the nipt for some additional reassurance. Hopefully getting results next week x

This is low risk high risk is anything less than 1:150 x

Thanks all! I realise I didn’t actually put my number 🫣! The first comment pic isn’t me. My downs risk was 1 in 3600 but I have a friend who came back (same area) as 1 in 100000! So mine felt comparatively high risk! 😬

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