Do any other ladies here have wide width feet, and have they started swelling? What shoes have you found that work well and are comfortable? I went to find some yesterday, and it was a struggle to find anything that wasn't super tight or anything in a WW even.
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I’m rocking crocs most of the time! Or I like to order the wide shoes from torrid for when I need to look nicer

I second the crocs! I had a doctor recommend them to me too at one of my appointments.

I wear crocs when just around the house or running errands, but I have to go to the office a few days a week, and they aren't too strict about dress code, but don't allow crocs or sandals (unless dressy sandals)

I haven’t tried them out personally but I was told Oofos are good too. They are a bit pricey though in my opinion.

I've literally been wearing cross this whole time lol. Like any major walking I'm gonna get tennis shoes

Try kiziks! They are super comfy, come in lots of sizes and wide, and they slip on!


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