Milk supply drop

Need to increase my milk supply!! I was pumping 24+ oz a day. In my moving process I didn’t pump my usual amount for 1 week and now I am barely getting anything. My baby is 3 months!! Please help 😭
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Oatmeal, lots of water, body armor drinks, protein shakes! These all have been helping me keep my supply up! I’ve heard pumping every 2-3 hours and power pumping helps!

Cut out caffeine if you haven’t already. Good luck!

Start pumping every 2-2.5 hours and power pump in the morning. Make sure you pump in the middle of the night. I struggled with my supply and that’s the only thing that helped. I went from having to mix half breast milk half formula and now my baby is on 100% breastmilk 6 oz per bottle

I have been power pumping 20 minutes 10 breaks I do that three times. 1-2 a day in a addition to feeding her. I’m worried she’s not gaining any weight. I drink soda for the caffeine I been trying to cut down but it’s my coffee and the only thing that saves me from a headache. P.s I also have 2 toddlers age 5 & 3 My days are always so busy.

Coconut water and power pump!!

It definitely makes it harder when you’ve got all that going on. You can check her weight by weighing yourself holding her then not holding her and subtracting the numbers. I’m sure you know this and have already heard it but if you need to stop breastfeeding it’s okay and it’s not your fault. It sounds like you have a lot going on and your sanity and baby’s health is top priority ❤️

I’m having the same issue I would look into human milk groups most are free maybe need to replace bags I’m in one in California and their has been moms that help me so much since I’m struggling myself barely making 2oz a day and are you using your correct flange size ?

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