Gestational diabetes question

Hello. Those of you who have been diagnosed with GD and are monitoring ur blood glucose. Do you test one hour after u FINISH eating or one hour from the time you START to eat? Iv been told one hour from the time i start my meal but honestly that seems a bit ridiculous, that only leaves about half an hour after uv ate so naturally the readings come out high. Dont we need more time for our body to digest the meal and insulin and glucose to go down?
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It's an hour after eating but sometimes its still isn't enough time to balance out

I do it when I wake up, before eating Then one hour after breakfast, one hour after lunch and one hour after dinner

An hour after I've finished eating x

I've been checking mine an hour after finishing my meal ☺️

These are the kinds of questions that puzzle me. Sometimes I'll have dessert ten minutes after and not know when to time from so I usually do two pricks and choose the highest one

Mine are two hours after every meal 🤷‍♀️ so odd how it’s so different with different areas / hospital trusts. I’d def say it should be the hour after you finish eating however. Can you message your diabetes midwife team to check?

@Mia I will have desert after I've tested 🙈

@Laura 😂😂me too

@Humera sometimes I just really fancy it 🤣

@Laura me too! Haha once the numbers r up on the app im like yesss now its time to have smth sweet😅😂😂

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