How much is your little one “Talking”?

My son will be 7 months old tomorrow, and so far hasn’t said much …he makes sounds other than crying and LOVES to squeal and laugh but he isn’t babbling yet … he was born at 37 weeks so I’m trying not to panic and cut him some slack but I’m worried…
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My son is 7 months two weeks and hasn’t really talked yet either but loves making sounds, closest he’s gotten is kind is saying gaga:)

7 months and two weeks, and mine doesn’t talk at all. Occasionally laughs, but nothing else

My son is 7 months! He squeals too and makes sounds. He says “dada” but just babbles it at random stuff not actually at his dad lmao. So not talking yet just mostly random noises lol

Just turned 7 months and he says "dada" and "mama" but just random lol he is more likely to say "mama" when he is upset or tired though, but other than that, a lot of baby babbles lol

7 months old, babbles, laughs alot ,screeches all the time and says mamamamama

my baby is 7 months old and only screeches & doesn’t talk at all

My son is 6.5 months and he’s a chatter box ! 😂😂 all I hear all day long is babababa, dadadadada, but never mamamama 😂

My son is 7 months two weeks say only mumma when upset nothing else

That’d be super early to be talking! If it helps, mine said his first world (apple) at 17 months and is a complete chatterbox now. Everyone comments on how advanced his speech is!

My LO is 7 mos and she says mama, papa, hey, & yeah. I did read, at this age, it is not a concern if they aren't talking. You could mention it to your pedatrician at a wellness check up, if it is really worrying you. The milestone is to have at least 6 words by 18 mos. (I'm sure you do, but talk to baby a ton! At this age they will learn from you, not screens yet. For us, I noticed she repeats more if I sing it 😅🤦🏻‍♀️)

People mistake babbling for “their first word” (I.e. mama dada) but they typically don’t know what it means at that point and it’s not in the right context. Buttt all babies are different and I hate social media because it causes moms to think something is wrong with babies :/

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