Swelling feet and hands

Hey guys, just wondering what y’all do to prevent or help swelling in your feet and hands during pregnancy? I’ve had it pretty lucky until the last few weeks, but recently it’s just been really sucky and I’d love to know how to help it. Thanks!
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you swell when your cells aren’t absorbing water properly. most people think swelling happens because your sodium levels are too high. but that’s not the case at all. you’re actually dehydrated and under-mineralized. real salt is full of minerals that activate the cell wall to accept the hydrogen atoms of water. without the minerals found in natural salt, you won’t absorb water properly and thus you swell. so drink your water, but add a dash of real salt. not conventional table salt. mineralized salt. i use the redmond brand. i didn’t know this with my first pregnancy and my feet were balloons. i had zero issues with my second pregnancy bc i had learned about proper cellular hydration.

Compression socks first thing in the morning and elevate your legs at night!

My feet got so swollen during pregnancy. I did what the other ladies said-- lots of water and compression socks. I also would elevate my legs when I could.

Magnesium salt bath, Magnesium oil rub, elevate feet, compression socks, massaging

Things to keep an eye on: - waking up with swelling already - blurred vision - head aches - nausea If you're getting other symptoms with your swelling, then please make sure you have a proper check up and have your urine and blood pressure checked

Check your BP too! This one is soo important 💕

So far I've elevated feet, tried cypress baths or massage upwards, and those toeless compression socks to get the blood flowing up

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