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Hi ladies any c section mommas can recommend anything to help with the swelling of the belly I look 4 months pregnant after my c section and I’m having a hard time dealing with it
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Hi Melissa! I had a c section and I would love some advice for how to help with swelling.

I try to ice as much as possible

I have iced it as well it has helped me and I also got a belly band

@Veda do you mind telling me what belly band u got

No worries mama. I’m sure it will take time! I am one week post op and my tummy has went down so much. I used the binder the hospital gave me for a week and then i switched to Bellefit c-section girdles.

@Sydney Sibert thank u for sharing did u just wrap ice cubes on it? Or an ice pack and do u put it directly on the skin

@Melissa how many weeks has it been?

Hello momma! I had a C-section on the 15th and I am facing the issue with the high waisted briefs that I have are cutting into my scar and causing pain more than before I was wearing them. As far as swelling I’ve heard of Bellefit which I am considering or belly bandit

@Melissa I used an ice pack and it helped tremendously

Hello momma! I had c section on 5/14, I promise it gets better. My swelling is not fully down either yet but warm showers, heating pad and hydration is key. I had coconut water and bananas to let the swelling from water weight go down and it helped.

Melissa, it's normal to have belly after giving birth. I had a c section too and still have some swelling as well. Our bodies just need some time to recover 😉

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