Gasping noise !???

Why is my son gasping like this? He randomly just started doing it out of nowhere and then coughed a little. He’s done this once before a while back but not as aggressive as this but as of right now he’s fine but I’m worried is this normal???
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Mine started making the same noises too! She’ll do it and then laugh 😂

MY SON STARTED DOING THAT TOO!!! Freaked me out at first but he only does it when he’s super excited or wanted attention. He did it for like a week but the last 2 days he hasn’t been doing it anymore. He makes the popping sound w his mouth now or the b-b-b- sound

My son does this too and it scared me a little at first. We think he does it because he’s happy. He likes hearing himself talk 😁

It’s because he learned that he can. It freaked me out each kid lol. They will make. Ton of noises because they can and they have fun with it

I HATE WHEN THEY DO THAT. Everytime little dude does it my heart stops. Then he laughs 🥴

I know my daughter makes this coughing noise and it's like not real coughs cuz she laughs later they like knowing that they can make noises lol

Yes mine does that too!!! They are just learning new noises

I think it’s because it’s entertaining and super neat for them to hear their own voices so they experiment with different sounds and feelings in the way they use their voice. My son makes super weird noises too lol

Mine does this when excited Or if the sun gets in her eyes lol

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