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We have decided not to share the name except with a few close family members. But some of my family are being rude about it like why are we not sharing it, that’s so dumb…. I guess I’m just upset that I keep get hassled even more about the decisions I’m choosing for my family.
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People choose to keep it a surprise or private for reasons. It's silly how feathers get ruffled by something like that when it's none of their business. Just stand your ground unless you personally decide otherwise

We’ve just told people we haven’t decided yet even though we have to avoid this bc you know those people who think it’s dumb we’re not sharing are the same people who will have all kinds of opinions about the name we chose

Stand your ground! They live long enough they will get over it!

I said I wasn’t going to share my babies name. But ended up sharing it at thanksgiving and regret it. People have sooo many opinions like they matter. But I just learned today that my grandma thinks my babies name is stupid lol. Who knew a simple name like Josiah would get so much hate. DO WHATS BEST FOR YOU!!!

I say stay quiet. You don’t need to hear their opinions! My family is kinda pushy and judgmental, so I thought it would be funny to give my family a fake name if they kept pressuring me to know. They’re very politically conservative, so my plan is “we are naming him Barack Rodham” and really stick to it…like keep telling them this after he is born. 😂

I’m not sharing her name because I don’t want others who haven’t decided on a name to “steal” it. But my immediate family knows and we all refer to her as her nickname. I have had some negative feedback about not sharing her name but her name is unique enough but not over the top and I don’t want her going to school with Seven girls in her class having the same name 🤷🏽‍♀️ even though she has a common asf nickname

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