How long does your partner go down on you for?

Hi all, just wondering how long your partner goes down on you to either reach a orgasm for you or they give up? My bf I feel doesn’t put a lot of effort into getting me to cum. Spends maybe 5 minutes going down on me or fingering and has no idea what he’s doing up to the point I have to tell him to stop because what he’s doing is hurting me. We usually have to masturbate together for me to finish. I have tried talking to him but seems to not get what I’m telling him. Uggh I just want to have a regular orgasm.
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Sometimes guys can be utterly clueless and even if we tell them they can't really see it from our view so it's just hard for them to understand. But then some just don't try very hard. I've been thru this in the past and it's aggravating but have you tried telling him, or telling him to watch how you do it? Like do it to yourself (fingering anyway lol) and telling him to watch. Or maybe literally give him information online from shit that's on point to help him get it together a lil bit better ?

@Lindsay no I haven’t tried showing him or sending him stuff online, might have to start tho because I’m getting quite frustrated lol. I wish he would put in the effort to google it himself or ask friends advice about it because then it’s really me putting in all the effort when I want him too. I have been looking up links to send him so hopefully he’ll do some research before our next intimacy time.

My partner goes down on me for about an hour makes sure I've orgasamed at least once before he does

My husband go down there until I cum, then I go down on him until he cum, and we have sex, and we both cum again. He just needs to know your body as you need to know his. Show him, and teach him!

I understand :). You'd think he would. But guys are different lol. Things we may think are obvious are sometimes the things that it actually takes being EXTRA obvious about 😆😆.

Usually like 5-10 minutes or until I cum don’t usually take to long and I give him some for like 10 minutes he won’t cum until I do tho and he likes for play

He won’t stop until I get off.. like.. will not stop lol

If he’s hurting you then he’s fingering too hard maybe. Tell him to go slower etc show and guide him

He goes til I tell him to stop, typically after 1-2 orgasms and I’m too sensitive down there to be touched

My fiancée is terrible at oral he tries here n there but it’s just nooo I’ve created a mental block from cumming when he tries to go down lol so yea he licks it a few times n I’m like yea just come on but also we use toys he’s comfortable with my vibrator I was very open in expressing my dissatisfaction with his head . That’s how the toys got brought into play .

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