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I’m not sure where to start or what I’m doing! Background: We live in an apartment and don’t have enough rooms to give them a separate room. Right now they are in their bassinet and soon transferring into their crib. They are still sleeping in our room and hoping to share a crib. Twins are turning 7 months next weekend. How and when did you sleep train your twins/ multiples.
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Twins are currently 2,5 months, sleeping in our room. We go to tribeca pediatrics and at our two month visit our pediatrician told us to start sleep training. We basically put them to sleep at the window 7:30-8:30pm and wake them at around 6-7am window. To say we were shocked would be an understatement lmao. Apparently it is called tribeca pediatrics sleep method and it does work. The first few nights are crazy and i felt like a horrible mom but guess what it worked!!!!!! If you are interested google it, since your twins are older there is a few changes our pediatricians recommend

Oh and the reason why we did it. Honestly, they were great for their age, they woke up 1-2 times a night to feed and we thought that starting early, especially since our doctor brought it to us, was a great idea. Ni regrets

I'm a mom to twins and sleep consultant, so you are speaking my language 😃 I'm so glad your pediatrician was able to provide some guidance on the topic. We sleep trained yet at 4 moths. Best decision ever!

@Lindsay if you can share your method and experience please. 🙏🏽 Fellow twin mom would appreciate it. Lol

Of course. We did a form of leave and check at 4-months. We had some crying but it only lasted 1-3 nights with the first night being anything significant. We fully night weaned too. I am happy to help your troubleshoot. I also have a twin sleep guide you should read before you get started. It'll walk you through the optimal bedtime routine and has extra sleep tips for twins. It's linked in my highlights on Instagram @tweetdreamzz

Do you start sleep training from naps and then go to nights? Did you give them pacifier during naps and then leave them be during bed time? When do you go check on them?

At least one bedtime and then naps can start. We did checkins gradually going up starting at 10 minutes. I also don't recommend pacifiers for any sleep past newborn stage.

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