Starting a dream feed💭

I have just started formula feeding around a month ago, she is sleeping in her own room but every night she is waking at 2:30 for a bottle. I would like to try and add a dream feed but never done it before. Do I just pick her up when she’s asleep? Sorry is this sound stupid but I’m so clueless with all this 🤣
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I do a dream feed about midnight and he stays asleep til 6-7 am. I just pick him up, kind of work the nipple into his mouth. Sometimes I have to rouse him a bit.

We don’t dream feed anymore but I did for two or so months. I would make the bottle and then go into his room, gently pick him up, and get him in position and feed him. If he woke up it was not completely and once the bottle was in his mouth he was asleep again (but honestly he usually slept the entire time and never woke up at all)

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