Subchorionic Hemorrhage

Hi everyone! So I am currently 7 weeks pregnant with my second child and was told by my doctor that I have a subchorionic Hematoma . I’m a little scared and not sure what to expect. Has anyone else experienced this ?
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I had one with our oldest when I was about 7 weeks. It cleared up by the next appointment!

I had one around that same period until week 10 I was bleeding I am now 21 weeks everything is fine it’s no longer there ,

i had a hematoma at 12 weeks caused me lots of bleeding for a week then stopped i had it right up till i gave birth now i have a 2 week old no complications from it

I had one pretty much my whole pregnancy. No complications with baby 🙂

I’ve had that before, it didn’t cause any issues. You might notice a bit of spotting as it resolves itself.

I have had this, I had some bleeding with mine but it was the build up just coming away. Everyone experiences are different but they told me baby will be oblivious to it all so don’t worry. Mine came around 12 weeks and then by my 20 week scan it wasn’t seen x

I had 2 and pregnancy went to term x

Thank y’all!! This really helped ease my mind. I’ve been freaking out since they told me 😭

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