Hen party

Hey everyone! Can you give me some ideas to play at a hen party? Thanks x
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Toilet paper wedding dress, Write a list down of random objects you may find in your purse. Get the ladies into 2 teams and start shouting out each object. The team who pulls it out of their purse the quickest are the winners of the round. Write dares on paper and put them inside balloons before blowing them up. Then take it in turns to walk from one side of the room to the other with a balloon in your legs. If you drop it you have to pop it and do the dare & take a shot. Play who is it by blindfolding a person n letting them to feel and guess who it is. Play who knows the bride best by answering the brides questions and totaling points for who gets them correct or closest.

Mr & Mrs quiz. And the bride has to do a shot for every answer she gets wrong. That’s how my girls got me horrifically drunk, anyway. Them: “What’s his greatest fear?” Me: “Oh, I know this one: MOTHS!” Them: “Err, no. He said, ‘Sharon dying.’” Me: “Oh goddamit.” 😖😖

How did the party go??

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