For the mom's that had baby already

If you had your baby, and didn't had ANY signs of labor, how far along were you? I don't have lower pain/cramps/BH, also haven't lost a single piece of my mucus plug (I hardly have a discharge now), and don't have any pressure down there. 39+4
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I didn’t have ANY signs besides him being head down I was induced at 40+2 and had an emergency C section after laboring for 3 days and pushing for 4 hours. But my baby was 9 pounds and he was way to big to come out naturally

My labour was like a light switch.....I needed to go toilet (no2) which was unusual for evening time for me. On the loo I had lower back pain. This didn't go away. Mucous plug came out partially. And contractions eventually came more frequent. I knew sn hour in I was definitely in labour. It lasted 17.5hrs. so I had symptoms

40+2 had no signs of labor and my water broke at home. Started having random contractions but nothing very painful or regular. Baby didn’t come till 26hrs later. I was only in active labor for 15 minutes and she was born in the water at our birth center. It was my 4th so I expected a lot quicker birth but every baby is different and comes in their own time 🤷🏻‍♀️ Don’t rush the process. Sometimes there aren’t any clear cut “signs” that it will happen.

I had no signs only him being face down , had gotten an appointment to get induced but he came before my induction. At 40 + 4 days . It took me 4hrs to push him out.

I was 40 + 1. Had no signs of labor. Was induced due to his cord being wrapped around his neck

I was 41+2, I felt absolutely no signs of labor (like, I was working out the day of my induction). All went well!

I’m kinda there too I am having small contractions but they just feel like period cramps and don’t last very long. We still have time :)

38+6, went in for a natural birth. After 24 hrs and her being sunny side up, and her not dilating pass 7; we did an emergency c-section. My advice: Don’t be too worried about a plan…allow the doctors and nurses and your intuition to guide you. I want anti c-section, but had I known to would put her in distress, I would have opted for one and forgo the added pain of labor

No sign of labor, baby was 9.8Ibs

40 weeks 4 days 😬

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