Did anyone with a vanishing twin get NIPT

I had NIPT test yesterday. Today, I had a consultation with a genetic specialist and she mentioned that I should have done NIPT because I had a vanishing twin whose heat beat stopped at 6w + 3 days. Did anyone have similar experience? Also, what other genetic testing are you doing?
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Thank you Susan. My NT scan came back normal. 🤞that baby is healthy

@Sheela Gon yes, during early pregnancy we weren't sure, but after she was big enough, then we knew for sure that it was her twin that had it. She's a perfect healthy 20 month old now, and she's gonna be a big sister in December!

Sorry Susan for your loss. Is the triploidy for lost twin?

I did! Saw one baby and one empty sac at 8 weeks. They told me I need to wait until 14-15 weeks for NIPT because the vanishing twins dna could show false positives for the surviving twin.

I had a twin pass away at almost 10 weeks, and I did get the NIPT done. It came back triploidy.

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