Question: Deli meat!

So I’m going to the zoo tomorrow, and I always pack little lunch sandwiches , I’m 22 weeks and can only eat deli meat that’s warmed up (steaming ) , will I be okay if I warm it up at home but not eat it until later at the zoo?
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I was always told if you aren’t eating it a lot. Then you can eat deli meat.

I have ate deli sandwiches my entire pregnancy!! 6 months here and I have never gotten sick! But if it’s bologna I heat it in the air fryer just for preference! Also I do eat bagged or prepackaged salads :)

In terms of food safety I would advise against heating it and then eating it later. If food isn’t properly cooled, it increases your chances of foodborne illnesses.

@haley okay, I actually haven’t had deli meat at all since pregnant, so I’m going to enjoy it ☺️ Thank you

@Haizel okay thank you 💜

@Britten Stewart see I love salami , ham and spicy chicken but since prego I stopped eating it because I was told you couldn’t 🥴 but I’m just going to eat it as is tm I’ll be ok

@Janae yeah see I was told by other people I couldn’t have it! But my doctor told me it was okay. But definitely against the meat. They cut in front of you at the stores because they sit out in that display case not really refrigerated like it should be!

@Janae do whatever makes you feel comfortable as for salami, ham, and spicy chicken I completely agree I love it too. I usually get a spicy Italian from Subway every once in a while and my doctor said there was nothing wrong with it so if you ever need a craving hack there you go, but in my own opinion, just do what makes you comfortable and I hope you have fun!

It has to be warm to be "safe" but I've been eating it and medium rare steak this whole pregnancy..Can't say no to those cravings

I am 37 weeks pregnant and have eaten salami etc by the packet full it is a very tiny chance of getting these bugs listeria etc xx

Girl, just eat the sandwich it’ll be ok

My doctor told me it was fine to heat it up then eat it. I think if you store it properly and make it right before you go it should be ok

Honestly the reason they say to stay away from deli meat is for risk of listeria....but as my OB said, when is the last time you even heard of someone infected with that😅 I work as an OB nurse and the other day at the hospital they brought hoagies in, and guess what.. I ate one...and have been absolutely fine. Even the doctors I worked with that night said that in MODERATION, deli meat is fine. So I'd say yes, you'll be absolutely fine eating a sandwich at the zoo, even if you don't heat it prior to going there

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