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🥺 Moms, I need help.. I’ve been struggling recently with anxiety and depression.. I’ve been feeling so unhappy.. I’m just not feeling like myself.. I’m overthinking everything, including my marriage.. having crazy thoughts about all the what ifs!? it’s been so awful because I know I love him with my whole heart and would be devastated if he ever left me.. is this normal to feel this?? If anyone can relate please reach out to me I need it 😭😭 I really have never felt this way before, is this normal, is this just hormones etc? I don’t know what’s going on with me and I really need someone, ANYONE to talk to?
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3 days ago

I struggle with anxiety and depression also. It's hard, but you're not alone 🫶

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Hey Rachel. My name is Dominique. I'm here for you to talk to if you just wanna vent or want a friend to hang out with...? I live in Big Sandy. Where are you from?

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