Contact naps over?

My baby used to take contact naps on me but lately whenever I lay her on my chest to sleep she just cries and tries to eat. Yesterday she took a 3 hour nap on my aunt and she’ll also lay on my husbands chest. Anyone else’s baby do this? She’s only 7 weeks old. I didn’t think contact naps would be over already and I’m getting sad 😢
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My 6wk old is doing the same😭😭😭

Do you feed before laying her on your chest? My baby boy won't relax on my chest unless he's no longer hungry...

@Adri yes every time! Then she just cries and wants more. But if I take her away from my chest and lay her on her back or in her bassinet she’ll go to sleep (most of the time)

@Victoria 😞😞

@Samantha 😔 aw I'm so sorry.

Its not over... it's a milk thing they can smell the milk. She could be approaching a cluster feed/in one. She'll sleep on others because they don't smell like milk

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