Food intolerance

Around 2 years ago my son started vomiting every time he had pasta. We tried all types of pasta (lasagne, home made, frozen, tomato based, white sauce based etc) and it was the same result. We’ve now cut it from his diet. Around 6 months ago he started with breaded chicken nuggets but only if he has more than about 4 of them. Every time he has more than a few he throws up and has stomach pains. Again we’ve tested this on multiple occasions with the same result. Now, he’s started with seafood sticks. Something he loves to have regularly and now he seems completely intolerant to them. He can have cereal, breads, cakes etc so it’s pulling me away from the wheat/gluten intolerance theory…any ideas what else it could be? We are in the middle of a GP switch so can’t currently get an appointment!
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My son is 6. When he was 3 he started doing the same thing. It started out with a few foods like pasta and anything breaded but he could eat bread and cakes. Fast forward 6 months he started throwing up at 1am every single night. It slowly started getting worse and worse. It was a gluten intolerance. It is now to the point even cross contamination makes him very sick.

Oh gosh, I’ve been told if it’s that then it’s likely to get worse and eliminate more foods as he goes. He is refusing to be seen for a blood test though, and I’d rather just avoid foods than force him to have something done that he doesn’t want…it’s just hard when I’m not certain on what I’m avoiding…it’s really getting him down and he gets upset when we are out shopping because it’s his favourite foods! He is 7 at the moment, started at 5. But it is getting worse. Sometimes he gets stomach ache with other bits but not badly…

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