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Hello I just found out that I am pregnant by an at home test. My last period was April 12-17. I'm currently moving out of my children's fathers home as he's abusive emotionally, mentally, and physically. I want to terminate this pregnancy, but with this Texas law, I feel so lost. I've been diagnosed with ppd and ppa. I see that I am unfit to be pregnant or to bring a child to this situation. It breaks my heart knowing my children are experiencing and seeing all the things that I have been enduring for so long. My kids father prohibited me from getting an IUD as it would "dirty my body" and he believes I got pregnant by someone else since he "was careful" but never used protection.
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definitely take an outta state trip or I think you can get pills still sent thru the mail ! prayers for you and your kiddos I hope everything gets better 🫶🏼

U have until 6 wks I heard in Texas

It's incredibly dangerous to post this anywhere. You need to go out of state and tell NO ONE

What a difficult situation. I wish you good luck finding your way.

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