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My little boy is now 5 weeks old, and he's on cow and gate hungry baby formula and the last 2 nights this being the second night, he'll go 4 to 5 hours in between feeds. I've been told by our health visitor that I shouldn't leave him longer than 4 hours in between feeds but I've also been told to not wake up a sleeping baby. This is always his first feed in the middle of the night. I need some advice he's weighting at 10 pound 11 oz at the moment if he doesn't wake up through the night how long can I leave him? But if he doesn't wake on his own should I leave him or wake him up after 5 hours? Can he skip one night feed if he doesn't wake up?
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My little boy is 6 weeks old and formula fed. My gp and health visitor both say to not let him go longer than 4 hours although he can sleep for 6/7 hours without a peep, personally I’m following the professional advice to maintain healthy weight gain but ultimately it’s up to you

That's what I doing now just following what they tell me, he usually wakes up after 5 hours mind. Thank u tho x

I went to an antenatal Class and they said to wake up a sleeping baby if they've surpassed their wake time (for a feed). My babygirl is 10 weeks and I still wake up every 3-4 hours to give her a feed. I've noticed if shes gone past the 4hr mark, her other feeds are off and the whole day is off (in terms of naps, play time, awake times etc). Hope that helps x

Mines 9 weeks and slept 8hrs yesterday night and I loved every second of it! He woke up fed and actually went back down for another 4. I mean that's rare tonight he slept for 5 and is up the other night he was up every 2 hours just depends on how he feels and how much he drinks each time. He lets me know if he's hungry, I was told to leave him be and follow his cues x

I’ve heard differently from the women above, if your baby has gained back their birth weight and is still gaining a healthy amount of weight then there is no need to wake them for feeds anymore as they should tell you when they are hungry 🤷🏼‍♀️ although mainly my baby does wake every 4 hours naturally, but every now and then he’ll sleep for 6 or 7 hours and I just let him! Some days he’ll eat for 3/4 hours total, some days it’ll be 6 hours. I used to stress about these changes but he gains the same 1lb every week so it’s okay 😊 I went to the baby clinic and got him weighed extra one week just to make sure these things were okay and that he was still gaining enough, so you could maybe let him sleep how much he naturally wants to and then just check for peace of mind that he is still a healthy weight?

Personally I’d cherish the sleep 🥳 4-5 hours between feeds is fine as long as they’re above birth weight and everything else is fine. My health visitor gave me that advice but it seems like it really differs between professionals and what area you’re in as to what advice you’re given

My girl has slept through the night (8-10hr stretches) since she was 4 weeks and she’s 12weeks today. She’s well above birth weight and is thriving and gaining weight I personally wouldn’t wake my daughter for a feed, but it’s personal preference x

A side note, where did you get your babys shirt @Yasmin Thompson ?

I don't actually know I was given them to me from a friend

@Cheyenne yeh he never lost any of his weight when he was born

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