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Okay so I'm currently entering into 23wks I'm not sure if it's because I'm further now but sex has become a bit uncomfortable. Is it because of how long we usually wait ? Or could it be position ? It's like a tighter feeling in that area for me and it's just sore I can't bare it so we just stop
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Same problem for me. It sucks! 😣

Same for me but I’m 24 weeks now and it getting better? I just had to change positions

@Andra Belk do you ever try while your on your back ? I've been scared to do this position

Same for me if feels uncomfortable 😣

@Tina yes and it hurt badly! Don’t do it lol

My boyfriend and I have found the side sex position to be very comfortable and less painful! I am 24 weeks!

This was an issue for me before pregnancy 🥲. We haven’t had sex since finding out because I know it’s going to hurt

don’t have sex if it feels uncomfortable!

For me I feel uncomfortable sometimes!! When I initiate it for some reason down there is more relaxed and I can move however 😂 but if I’m not in the mood I feel stiff and it’s painful not sure if anyone else is that way. I will whenever we do do it it’s either from the back or I’ll lay on my back and I don’t have him lean on my stomach.

I’m 26 weeks and it hurts for me too

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