I’m 38 weeks 2 days! I have this awful cough, swollen throat and it hurts to breathe I’m a FTM and idk if this is normal or to go to triage? I’ll be induced on Wednesday
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Test to make sure its not covid. I thought mine were allergies and I tested positive for covid with similar symptoms.

@Kayla did it change anything about your pregnancy?

@Kassandra nope, I'm in labor rn actually and still positive with covid. I just wear a mask when the doctors come in.

@Kayla hope labor goes good for you! That news makes me feel so much better I’m testing now!

@Kassandra thank you! Oh good I'm glad! 😊 I'm 38wks and 3 days today and I was scheduled to be induced Monday night/Tuesday. My husband gave me covid from work last Sunday then my mom got it and we're all in the room with masks on. It's not too bad.

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