Insecure Husband

Husband accuses me of cheating every single day. I can’t even go to get my nails done without him thinking am doing something. On the contrary I’ve never given him reasons to think like that but somehow he is insecure about it cause I caught him texting a girl two years ago. It has reach to a point I can’t take it anymore thinking of divorce, any advice ladies. Thank you
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I do but it’s like he’s obsessed with the idea of me cheating, I can’t stand it anymore

I’d leave. He’s probably accusing you of cheating because that’s what he’s doing!

From my experience, the one who accuses for no reason is the one doing what they are accusing someone else of doing.

He's cheating get some proof

My husband use to do this and turns out he had some app on his own for at least 5 years when they request videos and pictures and have to pay, put no effort in with me but did with all these women. Normally when they accuse you it's projecting, he doing it. Xx RUNNNNNNNNNN

When people are suspicious of you it’s usually because they have a guilty conscience about something they’re doing👀 js.

Men accuse when they have something to hide themselves. They do it to turn the attention away from them selves. I would deffo question him.

His the one cheating, love. Get your proof

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