How are y’all doing with puréed foods?

So far my son only likes sweet potato. Everything else has been a waste 😅
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She’s started refusing purée. Will only eat applesauce in a pouch, or finger foods.

it took mine a little to get used to different textures and flavors. He loves when i make pear puree with cinnamon its his favorite. Anything with meat he gags and turns away hatess it

Food before 1 is just for fun! Don’t stress. I have found that mixing some breast milk with whatever the purée is definitely helps because it gives it a hint of a taste of something he is familiar with.

My son literally eats everything except the puréed meats ! He gagged and threw up. But other than that he’s also does stage 2 food purée’s

I do purees for stuff thats a choking hazard like apples or carrots everything else I do BLW style. I will say that he would only eat oatmeal until I started eating at the same time as him and now he loves eggs and avocado.

I gave up and went to BLW 😅😅

@Anjelica We do carrots and apples in a silicone steamer in the microwave. It works great and is super easy! Just a quick peel of the apple first because once cooked the skin is the only choking hazard ☺️ I actually use the steamer with carrots for myself pretty often. Really good with a little berbere seasoning 🤤

My baby likes roasted sweet potato wedges (with the skin peeled off before serving, but can be blended into a purée with the skin on) 😋 Canned pumpkin/pumpkin purée is a similar texture and taste profile to sweet potato. My little guy really likes it mixed in with whole milk yogurt or goat milk yogurt. Sweet potato is one of the best superfoods for babies ☺️

My pedatrician asked us to skip purées and started with mashed fruits & veggies. He believes the puréed food doesn't have much flavor and starting this way builds her palate. We started about 3 mos ago, and tbf she eats every damn thing I pass her 😅 She definitely has favorites, like blueberry or plum, and for now she just eats for fun. She still gets her primary nutrition from breastmilk. (If it helps, he also asked that we let her touch and smell it, even if it makes a mess 🥲, bc apparently that also helps build the palate) 🫐🥑

My son likes apple-blueberry. I sometimes mix the other flavors into his rice or oatmeal

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