my boobs don’t feel full?

this might sound a little weird, but shouldn’t i have to pump as often as i’m feeding my newborn? bean is 18 days old and i’ve had such a drastic decrease in my milk supply it’s crazy. i was pumping about 4oz total every three hours and feel super engorged and sore when i would forget to pump. but now, i haven’t pumped in almost two days and my boobs aren’t hard at all. they’re not sore by any means and i have zero clogged ducts. when i try to pump, it feels like sand paper rubbing around in there after it’s been soaked in rubbing alcohol and lit on fire. it’s so much worse than that engorged feeling. but like, i don’t feel like i have to pump, at all? what is happening?
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Your milk might be regulating to make only what baby needs! Anything else is considered “oversupply”

If baby is content, and EBF you shouldn’t have to pump anymore! Unless you want a stash.

I heard your milk can dry up if you don’t continue to pump so not pumping for 2 days may be slowing it down. Make sure you keep up your pump scheduled

Sounds like your milk is decreasing. Pumping is so important to maintain a schedule in the beginning if you want to increase & build a surplus. You can try drinking coconut Water & power Pumping. Drink tons of water in general too & eat regularly to try to increase your supply. It's going to take work to get it back up & increasing. You can do it if you want, but be prepared to pump every 3-4 hours even in the middle of the Night. Also, you can reach out to a lactation consultant on Tips to increase your supply

You don't need to pump if you are nursing. Your milk supply is regulating completely normal. You don't want a full feeling soft breast are the best milk making breasts.

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