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Can anyone recommend a white noise machine that plugs in? I’d like to have one run all night for my daughter. We have a battery operated one right now, but if it runs all night, the batteries get drained pretty quickly. I searched “electric white noise machines” and “plug in white noise machines” on Amazon, but all it brought up were battery powered ones.
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Hatch! Soooo worth the $70. I highly recommend looking into it 🫶🏼

The hatch sound machine is amazing!!! You download an app where you can turn it on and off and control it. I love it!

Agreed^^ love the hatch! there’s an app for it too which is super convenient

White Noise Machine, elesories Sound Machine Sleep Therapy Soother for Adults Baby Kids Sleeping, 24 Soothing Sounds Including White Noise/Fan Sounds/Nature Sounds/Lullaby for Nursery Office https://a.co/d/e9o6ze9

It’s basic, but works really well and has tons of different sound variations

Yogasleep Nod White Noise Sound Machine, With Soft Night Light & Sleep Timer, 20 Sound Options Including Lullabies, Nature & Pink Noise, Sleep Aid For Baby & Adults, Noise Canceling For Office Privacy https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08FMTY28V?ref_=cm_sw_r_apann_dp_T75AE3QNPQZASVRA343Z his one was $20 at Walmart and has about 6 or 7 different white noise sounds

The Hatch 100%. It does different noises, different sound levels, changes colors or you can have it stay just white. I leave my babies on day and night because i’m scared that i’ll forget it at night and it’ll mess up the routine and since it’s plugged in, it never dies!

The $18 one is portable and I bring it in the car. Has a long charge and can charge in car. Lullaby one plugs into wall has worked wonderful. Use every night for past 3 years.

Also Hatch 🫶 and it has an app so you can turn it on while in another room.

I have the hatch in her nursery but I use google hub mini in my room since she sleeps with me and it runs all night long.

Hatch! I highly recommend I have one for both kids. And you can use the app to set everyday times to turn it on. And when we transitioned my toddler into a big boy bed we used the light on the hatch to let him know when he can come out and made the transition way easier.

You can run a live white nose take the sitting off on YouTube and it play I did it for my daughter when she was first born

I got the hatch off Facebook market place, dunno if I’d pay full price for it but I’m broke lol

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